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Weeks before Christmas in 2016, Desree Coleman struggled to think of the perfect gift to give her six grandchildren, great niece, and nephew – Will they like them? How grand should they be? How expensive? How many?


She immediately put her stress at ease with one simple thought, why give them toys that they will relish only for a moment when I can teach them the power of giving and create memories for a lifetime?

And so, it began. With the help of her grandchildren, great niece and nephew, she selected a few items to put into a bag with the hopes of making people smile during the holidays.  Thus, Smile Baggs was birthed. She and her grandchildren distributed Smile Baggs a week before Christmas.

The responses from the recipients were absolutely amazing.  Not only did the kids have a phenomenal time, but lives were impacted in a tremendously positive way.


Since her 2016 epiphany, Desree now holds monthly events, inviting all the children of all ages to join her in packing  and  distributing  Smile  Baggs.  In doing so, she teaches children a valuable lesson – in a world full of instant gratification, Desree  teaches  children of all ages that the gift of giving is powerful, and the reward of this selfless act is for both the giver and the receiver. It is worth every smile!


"To Equip and Empower women with lasting tools to rebuild their lives, create stability for their families, and a brighter future for their children."


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