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See the impact we have made. Spreading smiles around the world!

"I really appreciate my prayer bear from Smile Baggs! When I received my bear, it was during a difficult time where I felt hopeless and alone. Desree brought me the bear along with a meal and it instantly lifted my spirits and reminded me that everything will eventually work out. That was over a year ago, but I still get the same feeling of hope when I see my bear. A simple gesture can have a powerful impact."


"God works in mysterious ways!  I overheard a woman at the fabric store tell the clerk

she was buying fabric to make Prayer Bears for sick children.  I asked this complete

stranger with a big heart if she would make two prayer bears for my two grandchildren

age 2 and 4 who have brain tumors as a result of Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder

that causes tumors to develop at the end of nerves.  The tumors are inoperable and must be treated

with chemotherapy to save the eyesight of the 2 year-old and to prevent paralysis of the 4-year old.


Smile Baggs created the most darling fabric bears with a heartwarming tag attached that included

scripture-based encouraging words to remind the children that God deeply loves them and is always with them.

Smile Baggs  put the bears in darling, colorful bags and put other little surprises in the bags as well. 

Smile Baggs even made prayer bears for their parents to give them hope and courage! 

Turns out their daddy has a brain tumor too.


The whole family felt so loved and encouraged and couldn’t believe a complete stranger would take the time to

show that they cared about them.  I constantly remind my family to trust in God’s providence.

I am certain that God arranged for our paths to cross in this journey of life and that

Smile Baggs answered God’s call to bring His message of love and hope to my family! "


“As the Director of the Bethlehem House, all our moms who find their way to us, are coming out of homelessness, trauma, abuse, addiction and more.   Bethlehem House believes in providing a family environment filled with love, guidance, hope, structure and education.  When each of our resident mothers received their Smile Bag and Payer Bear, we witnessed each of them have a genuine response of hope & love.   Some shed tiers, others smiled and embraced their bears while reading their prayer.    It is gestures and visions such as this that make change and hope possible in our world today.   What a shining example of coming together and walking through life together day by day”.


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